Meet Our E-Board

Christos (CJ) Liopyros


CJ Liopyros is a senior pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering. He plans to pursue both work and graduate studies in the aerospace field upon graduation. He has a wide variety of interests in aerospace including aerodynamics, control systems, and propulsion. CJ is the student team leader of the 2019 NASA Student Launch competition, and will be working to ensure that this project is used as a high-quality educational tool for students that are interested in aerospace.

Nicholas Lamberson

Vice President

Nicholas Lamberson is currently a Senior pursuing a degree in Mechanical Engineering. His interests lie in various engineering fields such as, aerospace propulsion, aerodynamics, composites and computational methods for modeling systems. He is currently a Physics and Mechanical Engineering tutor for the College of Engineering & Applied Sciences, where he tutors introductory physics classes, along with mechanical engineering courses from first to third year undergraduate study.

John Park


John Park is a senior Mechanical Engineering student in the accelerated ME BE program and hopes to obtain a PHD in the field. He is currently interested in a variety of fields such as numerical methods, computer-aided engineering, and aerodynamics. He is currently doing research in mechanical engineering and enjoys drawing.

Timothy Law


Timothy Law is a senior pursuing a degree in Mechanical Engineering. Among other things, Tim's interests in the aerospace field lie primarily in propulsion. He previously interned at AECOM Tishman and is currently working as a media system engineering assistant.

Sotirios Mamalis

Faculty Advisor

Sotirios Mamalis is an Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering at Stony Brook University. His research focuses on advanced combustion engines using conventional and alternative fuels. His expertise lies in the area of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), system-level modeling, and thermodynamic analysis of internal combustion engines (taken from